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So I’m in another country for a year and I’m trying to get settled.  Sorry, I fully intended to have a post up today.  I’m still trying to have one up this week, but we’ll see.  It might not be … Continue reading

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The other day I was giving off massive “let’s have sexy times” signals to my boyfriend, and felt like I wasn’t receiving anything back — or at least, anything I knew how to interpret.  (We’ve been slowly having conversations to … Continue reading

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And Circumstances Makes Three

I was told once that there are actually three people in a (traditional) relationship, the two people and circumstances.  That sometimes circumstances have a say in the relationship, even if you don’t want them to.  And I responded that though … Continue reading

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Can’t get it up

This one’s for the guys.  Or rather, it’s a girl’s perspective on a guy’s issue and what it means to me in my situation. For this post, I’m going to relay my current understanding of what it’s like for guys … Continue reading

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Men don’t do dishes

I was at the fair with my family the other day and we stopped at a booth selling jewelery cleaner. I always convince my mom to get her wedding ring cleaned at the booth and this time I convinced my … Continue reading

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