Men don’t do dishes

I was at the fair with my family the other day and we stopped at a booth selling jewelery cleaner. I always convince my mom to get her wedding ring cleaned at the booth and this time I convinced my dad too. I mean, come on, it’s shinier afterwards. Who can resist shiny?

And of course they give you the shpiel while they’re cleaning your jewelery about how their product is all natural and where your jewelery picks up dirt and blah blah blah.

And you know, I don’t remember what the guy said to my mom. Possibly it was something about how rings pick up dirt when washing dishes, but I wasn’t paying attention. But for some reason I was paying attention when the guy gave the shpiel to my dad.

Guy: …and it cleans off all the crud and soap scum from washing the dishes. *pause* But you don’t do the dishes.

My dad: Yes I do.

Guy: You do?

My dad: Um, yes.

Guy: That’s nice of you.

That’s when I didn’t call the guy a sexist pig for assuming that Men didn’t do the dishes and when they did it was “nice” and a favor to their wives. Because of course Men don’t do dishes or housework. It isn’t Manly enough.

That’s when I didn’t buy any jewelery cleaner.


About mybodymystory

Looking at things differently. I write about my personal experiences with society, especially regarding what messages I, as a woman, have received over time. I write about my body, not the body the media thinks I have or wants me to have. I write about my responses to sex, relationships, and political issues. This is my story of my body. There are a lot of things I write about that I believe overlap with other women. Come check out my story and see if you agree. Feel free to disagree, just be respectful about it.
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