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Girls don’t want flings?

I ran into this idea a few weeks ago, that girls don’t want flings, either rarely or never.  The guy I was talking to was a date at the time, though that date was the last that I saw him.  … Continue reading

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Defining Sex

What do you consider to be sex?  (Not sex the noun, sex the verb.)  At what point would you say, to yourself or others, that you had sex with [that person]? My current definition of sex is that both (or … Continue reading

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Sexual Equations

It started off with a conversation about defining sexuality and the question: is sexuality based on the desire for a particular person or the desire for sex?  Yes, both ends of the question deal with desire.  I think that no … Continue reading

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Heteroflexible vs Bisexual

A couple weeks ago I posted about being heteroflexible.  After that, I had an interesting conversation with a friend, who said that, for her, relationship status has no bearing on her definition of sexuality.  If I understood her correctly, the … Continue reading

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