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Why I am a Feminist

I thought about titling this essay “why I call myself a feminist” but after thinking about it for a while, I decided that I was hedging around an idea.  I don’t “call myself” a feminist, I am a feminist.  That … Continue reading

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Sick and Sexy

Here I’m using the term “sick” in the sense of having a fever, cough, aching…you know, actually being ill.  Just to get that out of the way. I’ve been fairly sick over the past week and a half and am … Continue reading

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Hi all, I’m sick and don’t have any buffer posts, so no post today, sorry.

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Houses and Hearts part 7

(Houses and Hearts part 1 can be found here.) And so the world dissolved in anger.  Or exploded, perhaps is a better word.  The house came crashing down and it was a house of cards after all, but the cards … Continue reading

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