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NO- Part IV- Stud Shaming

Originally posted on Disrupting Dinner Parties:
Long ago, when I first started dancing, my local scene was full of non-consensual touch*. Friends told me terrible stories of how they had been groped, grinded, ass-smacked, neck-nuzzled, or even licked non-consensually on…

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&^(*$#% OUCH!: Or, on complaining about periods.

Originally posted on Disrupting Dinner Parties:
Here’s a question: why the fuck can’t I complain about my period to anyone and everyone? In the filing cabinet of the subtle ways in which sexism shapes our lives, I feel the unofficial…

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New Thought

Still in work mode here, probably won’t have a post up for another week or so, sorry. However, I did originally want to have guest posts. In lieu of that (since I don’t exactly have people banging on the door … Continue reading

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