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I am not a stereotype

As I’ve started reblogging more instances of anti-semitism through Tumblr, I’ve realized why comments that my non-Jewish friends sometimes make bother me. Often those comments are preceded by “this is stereotypical but…” or “this is going to sound bad but…” … Continue reading

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Thanking my ex

I was heartbroken when my previous boyfriend broke up with me, but more than that, I was pissed off. Not because he broke up with me (which was probably what he would have thought) but because of the way he … Continue reading

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Marriage is a thing that happens

Note:  I wrote this post about 8 months ago and never finished it.  It wasn’t going quite where I had intended it to go, and I wasn’t sure where I intended it to go.  Now, over half a year later, … Continue reading

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PC: Political Correctness or Personal Compassion?

Originally posted on ShoutOut! JMU:
Being labeled as “politically correct” is something that I’ve always felt uncomfortable about. When someone says something that I feel is inappropriate/marginalizing, I’ll say something, usually along the lines of “Hey, that’s not cool.” And…

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I’m back!

My life, while still crazy, isn’t quite as crazy as it was before, and I’ve been feeling like I’ve either stretched myself too thin with too many various blogs or I should start updating again. I seem to have the … Continue reading

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