I am not a stereotype

As I’ve started reblogging more instances of anti-semitism through Tumblr, I’ve realized why comments that my non-Jewish friends sometimes make bother me. Often those comments are preceded by “this is stereotypical but…” or “this is going to sound bad but…” and then they match up some action or comment I made with a stereotype. And I know they’re not doing it to be mean, they’re probably doing it to share their amusement about how sometimes you can find stereotypes in normal things?

I let them know if it bothers me, but it took me a while to figure out WHY it bothers me. And it’s because I never match my life up with stereotypes. My life is mine, and I act how I act, and it’s not because I’m Jewish, it’s because I’m me.

I would never even consider that I was acting stereotypical unless I was in a situation where I felt singled out because of my Jewishness, and even then, I would likely be thinking of a lot of different things. I don’t view myself as a stereotype and I would much prefer if others didn’t view me as a stereotype either, even occassionally.


About mybodymystory

Looking at things differently. I write about my personal experiences with society, especially regarding what messages I, as a woman, have received over time. I write about my body, not the body the media thinks I have or wants me to have. I write about my responses to sex, relationships, and political issues. This is my story of my body. There are a lot of things I write about that I believe overlap with other women. Come check out my story and see if you agree. Feel free to disagree, just be respectful about it.
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One Response to I am not a stereotype

  1. awjo1991 says:

    Great post. Completely agree. I think everybody should realize that people aren’t being stereotypes, they’re just being who they are. Everybody is unique.

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