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Friday Reblog – Yes, Squirting is Real (And it’s not pee.)

This Friday reblog isn’t from WordPress, so it’s not the automatic reblog link, instead I’m linking the title below.  I’m posting it as a contrasting opinion to my last Friday reblog (which wasn’t actually last week, but I’m busy, oh … Continue reading

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You Are Not Entitled to Friendship.

Originally posted on The Thinking Aro:
I’ve seen some romantic-sexual people, both in my own personal life and online, complain about aromantic and/or asexual friends of theirs withdrawing from, diminishing, or ending the friendship(s) they share, seemingly without reason or…

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We Need More Women in High Tech, Dammit!

Originally posted on Random Blather:
Jordan from “Real Genius”, who I adored (Image courtesy of the Cult Film Club) Note: This is longer than my usual blog-post.  It’s on a topic that is both complicated, and one I think is…

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Worst Date In 5 Words

Originally posted on Whatever:
It was a Twitter hashtag. I was bored. SUE ME. ?

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The “Friend Zone” is Total Fucking Bullshit

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:
I know, I’m late to the party, but it’s my turn to chime in on the ubiquitous Friend Zone conversation/debate/debacle. And like many other sensible people, I’m here to tell you that this…

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Sex Aversion Is Sex Aversion

Originally posted on The Ace Theist:
Recently, my stats page informs me, someone arrived on this blog by searching “is sexual aversion unhealthy or holy.”  It’s not unusual for concerning search terms to pop up, but I want to respond…

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PC: Political Correctness or Personal Compassion?

Originally posted on ShoutOut! JMU:
Being labeled as “politically correct” is something that I’ve always felt uncomfortable about. When someone says something that I feel is inappropriate/marginalizing, I’ll say something, usually along the lines of “Hey, that’s not cool.” And…

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