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Period Tracking Apps – A Review

I have had a number of period tracker apps downloaded onto my tablet for about a month now. I started with the idea that I wanted to track not just my period but other things such as vaginal discharge, symptoms like cramps, and life occurrences such as stress.

As such, I decided to download all the period trackers in the Google Play store that were free and had more than 4 stars. That ended up being more trackers than I originally thought – and there also ended up being more crappy trackers than I thought. I then organized them all in order of “is this even worth downloading” to “awesome” and will share mini reviews of my favorites…. Continue reading

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PC: Political Correctness or Personal Compassion?

Originally posted on ShoutOut! JMU:
Being labeled as “politically correct” is something that I’ve always felt uncomfortable about. When someone says something that I feel is inappropriate/marginalizing, I’ll say something, usually along the lines of “Hey, that’s not cool.” And…

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Some Thoughts on Ferguson and Police States

Originally posted on Random Blather:
I can’t believe it either Many of the folks in my Facebook friends list/feed don’t share my political leanings and views, and I think that’s great, actually. But for those of you that don’t and…

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Personal Sanity

Taking care of your self should be the top priority on everyone’s lists. Often, it isn’t, and it just leads to bad things. Burn out, overwhelming stress, nervous breakdowns—or even just a significant layer of unhappiness. None of those are … Continue reading

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Anger, part 2

There are two ways to legitimatize emotions. You can say that the emotions themselves are legitimate – that it is true that you feel that way. And you can say that the reasons behind the emotions are true – that … Continue reading

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Have you noticed how many people you touch in a day?  I’m talking about handshakes, hugs, kisses, pats on the shoulder, anything.  Often, I’ll go through a day without touching anyone at all — I’ll go through multiple days without … Continue reading

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