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You Are Not Entitled to Friendship.

Originally posted on The Thinking Aro:
I’ve seen some romantic-sexual people, both in my own personal life and online, complain about aromantic and/or asexual friends of theirs withdrawing from, diminishing, or ending the friendship(s) they share, seemingly without reason or…

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Full-Shave November

It’s the first of December but I’m going to talk about November. Specifically, no-shave November. Or it’s opposite – full-shave November – which doesn’t sound as cool because of the lack of alliteration. Basically, I think that every man should, … Continue reading

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I am not a stereotype

As I’ve started reblogging more instances of anti-semitism through Tumblr, I’ve realized why comments that my non-Jewish friends sometimes make bother me. Often those comments are preceded by “this is stereotypical but…” or “this is going to sound bad but…” … Continue reading

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Equal-responsibility Dadhood

Originally posted on Random Blather:
Image courtesy of Ruddy Bits Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood, dadhood, co-parenting, and the work/home/family ratio that we all struggle with.  (And why is “motherhood” a word, but “dadhood” isn’t?  Seriously?)  I…

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NO- Part IV- Stud Shaming

Originally posted on Disrupting Dinner Parties:
Long ago, when I first started dancing, my local scene was full of non-consensual touch*. Friends told me terrible stories of how they had been groped, grinded, ass-smacked, neck-nuzzled, or even licked non-consensually on…

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Girls don’t want flings?

I ran into this idea a few weeks ago, that girls don’t want flings, either rarely or never.  The guy I was talking to was a date at the time, though that date was the last that I saw him.  … Continue reading

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Here’s a thought: it’s ok to be superficial.  Though I think you have to be honest about it.  Sometimes this means that you’re a jerk, but sometimes it means you know what you’re looking for and what you care about … Continue reading

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