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You Are Not Entitled to Friendship.

Originally posted on The Thinking Aro:
I’ve seen some romantic-sexual people, both in my own personal life and online, complain about aromantic and/or asexual friends of theirs withdrawing from, diminishing, or ending the friendship(s) they share, seemingly without reason or…

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The “Friend Zone” is Total Fucking Bullshit

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:
I know, I’m late to the party, but it’s my turn to chime in on the ubiquitous Friend Zone conversation/debate/debacle. And like many other sensible people, I’m here to tell you that this…

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Thanking my ex

I was heartbroken when my previous boyfriend broke up with me, but more than that, I was pissed off. Not because he broke up with me (which was probably what he would have thought) but because of the way he … Continue reading

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Marriage is a thing that happens

Note:  I wrote this post about 8 months ago and never finished it.  It wasn’t going quite where I had intended it to go, and I wasn’t sure where I intended it to go.  Now, over half a year later, … Continue reading

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Power Relations in Sex Positions part 1

There is this idea floating around society and the media that the “giving” position in sex is powerful and the “receiving” position is weak. Normally, that correlates to men being in the “giving” position and women being in the “receiving” … Continue reading

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Anger, part 1

I jump when a man gets angry and yells, even if it’s something as simple as “shit!” when he realizes he screwed something up.  I jump even if it’s not aimed at me, was never intending to be aimed at … Continue reading

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Houses and Hearts part 7

(Houses and Hearts part 1 can be found here.) And so the world dissolved in anger.  Or exploded, perhaps is a better word.  The house came crashing down and it was a house of cards after all, but the cards … Continue reading

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