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Was Anne Frank Bisexual?

We do not know that Anne Frank was bisexual – we do not know how she would have labeled herself. Co-opting her as a bisexual figurehead is wrong since she was not one. It’s possibly even creepy since she was a child, barely even a teenager, when she was writing her diary and when she died.

But should we discuss that bits of her diary were removed in order to be more “appropriate” for the masses to read? And that those bits were things that might have implied her sexuality? Hell yes.

We’re reading her diary. We’re reading something that was never meant to be shared. And we’re reading it as required reading in high schools across the country and possibly even around the world. Think of that. Her most personal thoughts and feelings are being read in an English/Literature class near you.

And if we’re going to do that, we better damn well read her story. Not the story that someone else wanted told, but the story that she told. The story that includes things that may imply that she wasn’t quite straight. If we’re going to invade her privacy – for whatever reason – then we better not lie when we do it. Continue reading

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Am I Bisexual?

Looking back at myself in high school, I always knew I wasn’t straight. But I just assumed that no one else was, either. I did learn about the Kinsey Scale in 10th grade, but I just assumed that no person was entirely on one end of the scale — it wasn’t conceivable to me that anyone could be 100% straight. So, for lack of a better definition, I assumed that I was straight. Continue reading

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Heteroflexible vs Bisexual part 2

I seem to get a lot of search engine hits on this one, and I’ve been meaning to update the topic for a while.  I don’t have a lot to say at the moment, likely because I’m swamped with other … Continue reading

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Sexual Equations

It started off with a conversation about defining sexuality and the question: is sexuality based on the desire for a particular person or the desire for sex?  Yes, both ends of the question deal with desire.  I think that no … Continue reading

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Heteroflexible vs Bisexual

A couple weeks ago I posted about being heteroflexible.  After that, I had an interesting conversation with a friend, who said that, for her, relationship status has no bearing on her definition of sexuality.  If I understood her correctly, the … Continue reading

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